WordPress Health Check

The majority of WordPress sites are insecure and not backed up – is your site one of them?

A WordPress installation is necessarily insecure when it is first installed as it is an automatic install and so needs to create files and database tables. If some basic security measures are not in place your website could be vulnerable to malicious attack.

Over time, WordPress is improved and made more secure as vulnerabilities come to light. If you do not keep your WordPress installation up to date any vulnerabilities can (and will!) be exploited.

Similarly, as WordPress is updated, plugins need to be updated too in order to keep up with the improved security levels. Old plugins are the most common means used to access WordPress installations.

When backing up your site (you do back it up, don’t you?) you need to know that it is secure and has not been tampered with. You also need to know how to recover your site from your backup which is not straight forward.

We can give your WordPress installation a full health check and let you know whether it is secure, backed up and up to date. We will check:

  • Whether basic security measures are in place
  • Whether backups are being carried out regularly and how they are being done.
  • How up to date your WordPress installation is.
  • How up to date your plugins are.

We’ll provide you with a full report detailing any vulnerabilities and issues and suggest remedies where appropriate. If you want us to, we’ll implement all our recommendations.