WordPress Peace of Mind

You want to spend your time running your business, not administering your web site. So let us manage your WordPress site for you.

We monitor customer sites using the ManageWP service which gives us an instant overview of all the sites we manage, so we can easily check the status of your site. It enables us to carry out a one click updating service as well as checking site security, scheduling and checking backups.

Each week we check that your backups are completing, make sure your installation and plugins are up to date and check whether your site has been attacked by hackers.Should your site need recovering from a backup for any reason, this again is made easy by the ManageWP service.

What does this cost? We charge a minimum of £25.00 per month which covers an hour of our time to make the checks and most updates. Any work that needs doing which takes longer than an hour will be charged at our normal hourly rate of £25.00 per hour.

When we take a site on it usually needs some work doing, so first of all we’ll carry out a WordPress Health Check on your website and remedy any problems. We bring it up to date so it is running on the latest version of WordPress and make sure all plugins and themes are up to date too.

After that we’ll add you to the monitoring service and each month we’ll provide you with a report of the status of your site and the work we’ve done.

We can of course carry out any changes or development work to your site as well.

If you’d like us to manage your WordPress site please drop us a line and we’ll take it from there.