WordPress Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with your WordPress website we can help.

There are many common problems with WordPress, some are caused by poor initial installation, some by poor web hosting and some by badly developed or out of date plugins.

There are also problems caused by malicious internet users and programs and these might have caused your site to crash or not display correctly. These fall into the category of “malicious infections”.

Sometimes your site may look as if it is functioning correctly but behind the scenes something odd may be going on. A good example of this is the “pharma hack” which just gives misleading information to Google and other search engines without seeming to affect the actual site (see this article for more information).

Whatever your problem we have the expertise to help you; we’ll work to solve the immediate problem and get your site back up and running correctly, then we’ll recommend some things you can do to keep it in that state.

If you’re having problems and need us to help you, just drop us a line (use the subject line “Urgent!”).